Dating problems judging

However, ETJs may quickly rub TP types the wrong way, since TPs prefer Fe rather than Te judgments.

Hence, it is not only the speed and strength of the judgment that is important, but also the type of judgment (i.e., Thinking or Feeling).

Judgers may also seem overly controlling or critical to Perceivers.

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This is especially true of NJs, who are generally more verbally inclined than SJs (see this post).

Perceiving types, in contrast, prefer to process their judgments inwardly, using their Fi or Ti functions.

When Judging types pair, there is ample potential for intense and heated arguments.

Since neither party is prone to keeping their judgments to themselves, the door is opened to disagreements, defensiveness, and hurt feelings.

For Judging duos, a successful relationship does not mean avoiding disagreements, but learning to communicate respectfully and non-defensively.

As I discuss in this post, Perceiving types, in being slow to express their judgments, have their own set of relational difficulties.Perceivers, particularly IPs, often envy the ease by which Judging types are able to confidently and articulately express and assert themselves.Because they extravert their judgments more quickly than Perceivers, Judgers run the risk of jumping to conclusions, of compromising accuracy for quickness of judgment. The speed, strength, and potential inaccuracy of their judgments has the potential to put others on the defensive. Drenth A good understanding of personality types, including Myers-Briggs type theory, can be extremely helpful in cultivating healthy relationships.The fact is, when we are constantly trying to change our partners, we rob them of the opportunity to grow and develop within the natural context of their own type.Rather than expressing themselves directly, they may act passive-aggressively.

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