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Unfortunately, as a potential husband, there is no option for me to "move on" beyond the infidelity.

It's extremely disheartening to not even be able to find a virgin Christian girl, much less one that I could marry. I'm tired of the "you're young, don't worry about it, you'll find someone" type lines.

If I successfully get a date, as it moves along I am constantly disappointed to find out they have had sex with numerous men before.

Each makes the typical statement that they were mistakes and they've asked God for forgiveness and moved on.

God's Word tells us that sexual sin is very serious, that we are to avoid "sexual immorality" (sometimes translated as "fornication") and that we should all be virgins when we marry.

See, among other passages, Matthew ; Mark ; 1 Corinthians 6, 13-20; 1 Timothy 5:2; Galatians -21; Song of Solomon 2:7; Hebrews 13:4.

Second, if I'm reading between the lines of your question correctly (and I fully admit I may not be), it seems you are less interested in technical Old Testament law than in your feelings that a potential wife who has had sex before (1) has sinned against you as her (potential) husband; (2) raises potentially difficult marital issues for you involving feelings of betrayal, trust, and sexual adequacy and security; and (3) is not worthy to marry you.

If these ideas reflect your thoughts, I think Scripture teaches you are right on the first two but wrong on the third.

Also, just so I make sure I've said it, this biblical standard applies equally to men and women.

I know that idea may go without saying for most people who will read this, but there are a number of cultures within the readership of Boundless in which sexual standards are different for men than for women.

I've been checking off the various boxes over the years to become a better mate, yet I cannot seem to find any girls of marriage potential.

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