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If you intend to be married in church a letter from your pastor/priest will be helpful.If you have less than 21 days required to put "a notice of intention to marry", you need to make an application for “Special Marriages Licence” from the Registrar of Marriages.In some cases, nyumba ntobhu can be a polygamous marriage.

These men are known as “street men”.“I decided to run away from my marriage as I was humiliated and sometimes beaten nearly dead.

At 45 I was not able to have children and I had to look for a new family to give me an heir to my property,” Chacha says while she feeds two of her children.

But nyumba ntobhu does not always save women from domestic violence. She experienced domestic violence and humiliation even from her nyumba ntobhu husband.“I was married to Nyambura, a 63-year-old woman.

She had paid a dowry of six cattle and I moved into her compound.

It offers a form of security for elderly women so they do not live on their own. Chacha says she decided to marry Buraya because she was unable to have children in her previous marriage to a man, who she says physically abused and tortured her.

To bear children, women who are married under nyumba ntobhu usually hire a man and pay him when the younger woman falls pregnant.It’s not uncommon for women to be prohibited from inheriting property in Tanzania.Initially, the culture of women marrying women was practised as an option for barren women.Mtongori Chacha (56), who is married to a woman, Gati Buraya (30), says the traditional practice arose as a result of male violence against women.It is also an alternative family structure for older women who do not have sons to inherit their property and whose daughters have moved away to their husbands’ villages.It is 12.30pm and an older woman emerges from her tiny mud house. These two women are husband and wife: they are traditionally married and they have children.

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