Dating lauson engines

For example, all heads will have 122 for the first group of numbers.

Individual part identification within the part classification.

If, for instance, a part is needed just for the gear reducer, then you must turn to Section III (Accessories) and look up the part under the appropriate assembly number — in this case, 3800.

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The basis of this system of identification begins with the nameplate, which was permanently attached to each Clinton engine at the factory.

The reference for all service and repair on Clinton engines will be found on this nameplate.

The model variation list following each Basic Parts List will tell what parts or assemblies are used on each variation the standard parts found in the Basic Parts List.

In the case of the nameplate shown above, by looking in the Model Variation List following the Basic Parts List for the B-700 series, you will find that the B-760-AOB has a special crankshaft, a gear-reduction assembly, and that the gear reducer is mounted in the position.

digit is used to identify the type engine, e.g., 4-4-cycle and 5-2-cycle.

The second and third digits complete identification of the basic series.

It is very important that the plate remain with the engine.

Should it ever become necessary to replace that part of an engine to which the nameplate is attached, make certain to remove the plate and place it on the new part.

A complete list of these models, referred to as model will be found following each Basic Parts List.

Under this system of assigning model variation numbers, the first variation from the standard engine will begin with “100.” A typical model number might be 1200-107, for example.

The three groups of numbers used in this numbering system can consist of three digits for group # 1, four digits for group #2, and two digits for group #3.

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