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On Saturday morning last, Frederick Fields, Henry Hammond and William Coulson, who had been remanded from the previous Tuesday, were again brought up at the Police office, charged with breaking into the shop of Mr Frederick Smith, bread and flour dealer, Bridge Street on the night of the 16“I live with my mother who is a Fruiterer, and assist her in the business.I know the prisoner, Fields, and have been on friendly terms with him for some time.

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With a positive effect then created, pictures were normally clear and sharp and were usually presented in a frame or case.

Itinerant photography was far from easy – the ambitious young photographer had to consider the weather, use a pocket watch for timing, judge the right exposure time and often use a hat to shade the lens – no wonder sitting for a picture was often handled by theatrical showmen and artists.

Louisa and Emily managed the Boston Studio of ‘Frank Walton’ Photographers.

Louisa married George Archer Blanchette , a comedian, on the 30th January 1883 in Boston, Lincolnshire By 1861, at the age of 29, Frank was living in a caravan at Mars Yard, Gainsborough with his wife Mary Ann, his step sister Sarah , his brother-in-law Robert and a 12 year old servant, Henry Cousins, who were all waiters in the bazaar.

Frank’s occupation was recorded as a bazaar keeper.

1862 Frank’s second daughter, Emily Walton, was born in 1862 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

By 1870, he worked in Grantham from booths in the high street whilst still maintaining his primary income through the family trade of confectionery.

Frank had learnt early on that showmen and hustlers made their money by tricking the eye, and access to new technologies made this idea develop significantly.

1858 On the 3 March 1858, Frank married Mary Anne Reeve Shaw (daughter of William and Elizabeth Shaw, farmer from Wisbech in Cambridgeshire) in Kings Lynn, Norfolk and soon moved to the nearby town of Grantham to run a bazaar with help from his step-sister Marian Walton and step-brother-in-law, Robert Hammond, both in their teens.

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