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L.), and to a limited extent its leaf and flower, have traditionally been used as a raw condiment, candied, or more rarely, salted.

In the area of secondary domestication – the hot Mediterranean climate – culinary uses multiplied during an active phase of cultivar development in the 10 to 16th centuries.

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Vasto is the home of Harvard University's Summer Program in Abruzzo, an intensive Italian language program for Harvard students.slightly north of the spur in northern Puglia that juts out into the sea.

Although Molise’s coastline isn’t as long as some of its neighboring regions, the lack of people makes it an enticing destination for some tourists looking for that slower pace of Italian life they’ve heard so much about.

Initial results from a methodical examination of their current culinary applications reveal a positive contribution to savoury cuisine as a result of contemporary cooking, maceration and extraction techniques.

Cultivars are selected specifically for these different uses.

All inland towns and villages offer a continuous calendar of events like historical pageants, patron saint festivals, open-air dances, folklore performances, concerts, and culinary stands that add sparkle and flavour to a simple evening.

A "trabucco" is a massive construction built from wood, which consists of a platform anchored to the rock by large logs of pine.

Giulianova lies in the north of the Abruzzo region, between the Salinello and the Tordino rivers.

Giulianova is split between the Paese, the historic town up in the hills, and the lido, the more recent development down by the beach.​Roseto degli Abruzzi, more commonly Roseto. In the last decade the city has witnessed a good deal of growth in the quarters of Borsacchio slightly to the north, Campo a Mare along the seacoast and Voltarrosto to the west.

Aside from the popular Amalfi Coast (above pict) there are a few others lesser famous beaches located along the Cilento coast (further south) known to be more children-friendly.

Marina di Camerota boasts one of Cilento's most beutiful, the beach Calanca in particular is the most suitable for families and children with soft white sand, shallow water and well-equipped establishments.

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