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From 8.46am, there were 'calls to escorts - working girls - and websites', the prosecutor added, with listings such as 'busty, exotic brunette', and 'escort - will blow your mind'.Prosecutors claim Megan remained on the back seat of the car until at least 10.16am.

Mr Burder was even filming her and Mr King on Snapchat.'No help was got for her, even if she was showing signs of ill health in the house.

One witness believed that Megan was even fitting in the film, and sent a message back warning them.'Not only did they not summon help but they actively avoided the very possibility of help.'Following the crash, witnesses said the pair showed 'no concern' for the motorcyclist and his pillion passenger.

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The pair met again the following night and in the early hours of the morning of May 14 picked up two grams of MDMA along with King, a DHL loader.

The three took the drug at Burder's house, although a post-mortem revealed that Megan's blood toxicity level was ten times that of the defendants.

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Jurors were told they would hear from one young girl who had previous dealings with Burder and who, when she saw the footage of Megan, told Burder 'you spiked her, like you spiked me'.

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