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Frank is an evolutionary biologist with a strong mathematics bent.

His book grapples with many...issues, offering insights from his mathematical modelling of various steps of tumour progression...

Although the volume is based on mathematical theory, the excellent writing style ensures that it can be read both by biologists with no background in mathematics, and by theoreticians who would like to learn more about the dynamics that govern cancer initiation and progression.

) gene from seven deep-sea vent species suggested that the East Pacific Rise fauna has undergone a vicariant event with the emergence of a north/south physical barrier at the Equator 1-2 Mya.

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Our results suggest that allopatry resulting from ridge offsetting is a common mechanism of speciation for deep-sea hydrothermal vent organisms. Nevertheless, a physical barrier to dispersal can disrupt the relationship between genetic differentiation and migration rate: all models show that the establishment of a long-term physical barrier to dispersal abruptly reduces or stops gene flow between populations and leads to a rapid change in allele frequencies on either side of the barrier that may be dampened or accelerated depending on the type of selection at specific loci.

This often leads to the fixation of mutations (divergence) and reciprocal monophyly for many loci, provided that no lineage extinction or population admixture occurs [].

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