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Louis, Missouri Chekov in the bay searching hard for some space fuel Nuclear wessels -- Jay in Murfreesboro, Tennessee I bit a zombie. -- Hana in The Shire, Middle Earth I can't do haiku I will always get them wrong Oh, wait. -- Randy in Bradley, Illinois run Think Geek Haiku Segmentation fault (core dumped) I hate debugging -- Aaron in Simi Valley, California Some haiku are strange They don't make very much sense A series of tubes -- Sean in Eugene, Oregon Spam in my inbox. A new and inscrutable (for me) piece of communication arrived from my apartment building's office a few weeks ago.

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--Laurel from Edwards, IL Grenades would be nice But I'd rather let River Fight them damn reavers --Lindsay in Ottowa, Canada Sound geeky you must When speak like Yoda you do. --Ben from Bolingbrook, IL A stray neutrino Pulled over by the police, For breaking the law --Kyle R. --Safiya from Vancouver, Canada Daylight savings time. --Stephen from North Kingstown, RI I promised not to Feed Mogwais after midnight. --Thomas from Wichita, Kansas Lets go back in time When vampires don't sparkle and write a good book --Matthew "Peaches" from Baltimore Why kill Wash and Book? --Lindsay from Saint Louis, Missouri School is back again I guess it's really good that I go to Hogwarts --Hope from Santa Fe, New Mexico Don't argue with a Mobius strip because it Will be one-sided --Jimmy from Poughquag, New York Zombies everywhere Time to nut up or shut up Twinkies here I come. -- Micah in Phoenix, Arizona WITH ALL CAPS I TYPE LOUDLY I YELL EVERYTHING I FEEL IMPORTANT! -- Kat in Virginia Beach, Virginia The Mac hates popcorn I dropped some on the keyboard It kernel panicked -- Derek in Hoboken, New Jersey two words never heard in polite conversation Microsoft Vista -- Dave in Mont Vernon, New Hampshire There once was a boy with mind quick And Think Geek dot com he did trick.

--Carol in Eerie, Pennsylvania Soon We'll Have Toasters Folding Our Towels Until The Thousand Year War --Kelly in Dagobah, Outer Rim Territory You light me so well, Beautiful particle. --Craig in Coral Springs, Florida Han snatches a kiss, a droid interrupts them, and Leia runs away. -- Ed in Logan, Utah Execute Spybot, Please click Ni to continue.

As March approaches let's see what this riddlebrings about, Read carefully and slowly and please don'ttrash me, for there are 3 prizes that await those lucky to find a picture of the sun.

So be quick and be fast and come see us real soon for these prizes will expire by the 7thof March.

--Jason in Orlando, Florida LOLcat is pronounced "Lawl cat" or "L-O-L cat" Which makes haikus hard. --Jae in Charleston, Illinois Divide by zero; Stephen Hawking can do this. --Shannon in Wall, New Jersey Bugs and viruses Incompetent end users Job security... -- Eric in Lincoln, Nebraska The next big idea Will soon sweep across the net Oh, it just finished.

--Noah in Spring Lake, New Jersey I've always wondered what solder really tastes like. --Adam in Rock Hill, South Carolina All I want is to Find a pretty orc girlfriend, But DM says no. -- Gilmore in Melbourne, Australia Imagination More important than knowledge Great example: LOST -- Brandon in Hinesville, Georgia Hot Anime Girls Never Gonna Give You Up No! -- Lauren, White Bear Lake, Minnesota Developer Zen: "Ignore this error message." What do I do now? -- Patrick in Anaheim, California Packets of photons Streaming by our planet's sky their address divine -- Michaline in Chicago Illinois Hum of computer Torrenting throughout the night Don't forget to seed.

Though a building newsletter mysteriously came and went last year, there still seems to be no shortage of news to relay, including that of semi-regular contests wherein the participants have a chance to win money off the rent.

I'm all for money off my rent, but the contest terms always somehow prove to be too much for me to handle.

--Leah in Morgantown, WV i Phone addiction I must overcome. --Chris in Waldorf, Maryland i Phone left in bar Supposed to be a secret Woops, there goes my job --Katharine in Irvine, California Take me to the black I am a leaf on the wind My Serenity --Jennifer in Dallas, Texas Every other one Is divisible by two Now is that not odd? --Alex in East Lansing, Michigan the tricorder broke communicator is dead and my shirt is red --Jeffrey in Dallas, Texas Use the Force, Malcolm Gorram reavers on our tail! Damn Trojan Rabbits -- Julian in Black Mesa, City 17 Droning on and on Talking about the atom What an awful Bohr.

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