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This time with your child, the last year before school, is as precious as that first year of life.

We call our School Readiness children our emus, as they love running fast with an adult rather than toddler gait.

Every activity in our School Readiness class ensures these skills are being practised.

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This demands good listening and processing skills, challenging motor planning, and ensures each child makes the most of every piece of equipment.

They may be asked to climb a ladder backwards, turn around and cross-over walk to the end of the beam, then slide backwards head first to the mat.

The added concentration and co-ordination allows us to introduce lots of new activities and treasure bag time becomes a wonderful opportunity for language development.

There is so much to do that these classes run for 1 hour.

They focus on memory skills, sequencing, relays, dance routines, throwing, catching, hitting and especially on neurological skills which get the brain ready for learning at school.

Physical skills are mastered so that they are pushed into the automatic part of the brain leaving the children free to think and process while they are doing each activity.

Secondary themes including visual and auditory stimulation are also a feature of these classes.

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