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“For a girl, you have to be that certain way to get the boys’ attention.” Girls who spend long enough in this competitive beauty pageant atmosphere don’t need to be coerced into serving themselves up as masturbatory fantasies, Sales argues.Taking their cues from celebrities like Kim Kardashian—whose vast following on Instagram Sales identifies as a marker of social media’s decadent values—they post “tit pics,” “butt pics,” and a variety of other soft-porn selfies as a means of guaranteeing maximum male attention and approbation.

American girls may appear to be “among the most privileged and successful girls in the world,” she writes, but thanks to the many hours they spend each day in an online culture that treats them—and teaches them to treat themselves—as sexual objects, they are no more, and perhaps rather less, “empowered” in their personal lives than their mothers were thirty years ago.

All young female social media users, Sales contends, are assailed “on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis” by misogynist jokes, pornographic images, and demeaning comments that “are offensive and potentially damaging to their well-being and sense of self-esteem.” In addition to this steady stream of low-level sexual harassment, many girls are subject to more aggressive forms of sexual teasing and coercion: having their attractiveness crudely assessed on “hot or not” websites, receiving unsolicited “dick pics” on their phones, being pestered or blackmailed for nude photos.

You'll want to take it slow so you don't hurt yourself.

Image Source: i Stock This position is a little bit easier than getting on top while your boyfriend is laying down because it’s slightly more sturdy.

It includes essays by Susan Minot and Anne Tucker and is published by Umbrage Editions.

By some measures, girls appear to be faring rather well in twenty-first-century America.

It’s difficult for me to state that he has physically committed adultery if there is no proof of him doing it, for example, you have and see for yourself what your husband is doing when you aren’t around but make sure to gather your evidence first before you approach him because it sounds like he will most certainly get angry and irrational.

Get your plan together as to what you will do if you do find proof of his infidelity before you approach him and try to stay as calm as possible when approaching him with any evidence found.

Image Source: i Stock We all know of the reverse cowgirl, but that seems pretty intense for any lazy girl. It involves your partner using their legs to help support you so you're not doin' it all by yourself. It's the same thing as the cowgirl, but you can use your hands to support yourself by putting them on his chest.

You can lean back on their legs to help relieve some of your weight. Okay, maybe even the is cowgirl too intense for you.

It’s super exciting, and you get to ~feel~ awesome things with someone you like, which is pretty awesome. You know how people in the movies seem to have hour-long, earth shattering sex? Sex really is a workout, especially when you’re the one doing the work – like when you’re on top.

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