Consolidating 401ks definition of chronometric dating

We have two accounts that need to be rolled over into current employer 401ks.

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I've been helping my Mother-in-law for the past few years - consolidating all her money at Vanguard, choosing investments etc. Thinking about consolidating them and getting out of my wife's. Emergency funds: funded for 5 months Tax Filing Status: Married Filing Jointly Tax Rate: 33% Federal, 9% State State of Residence: CAAge: 35Desired As...

But she's reached the point (70.5) where she has RMDs from her 401ks/IRAs and has a lot more in Taxable funds than in Non-taxable. Per some previous boglehead advice, I'm working on consolidating accounts so that I can take advantage of backdoor Roth ira contributions.

I've had several instances where an individual has had several old retirement plans from previous employers.

That has included defined benefit plans, 401k's, TSP's, 403b's and Keough plans.

I have a corporate 401K from my previous job with a sizable amount with Ameritrade.

Also have opened up a solo 401K that I am funding, also with Ameritrade.He is 62 years old and is thinking of retiring from his current job.He has three retirement plans with former employers [a profit sharing plan, a target benefit plan and a 403(b) plan], four Traditional IRAs, a SIMPLE IRA, two Roth IRAs, an Individual(k) plan he established when he owned his own business, and a Thrift Savings Plan he now has as an employee of the federal government.I have a 401K account with Schwab for my current employer which is allocated via the "Guided Choice" and currently has about 85K in it (I max it out every year and do a...I’m trying to consolidate/simplify the multiple 401ks my girlfriend has from previous employers.An IRA consolidation strategy is suggested, and the section concludes with a three-step action plan for investors like Patrick.

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