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Single Creditor One of the primary benefits of debt consolidation is that you only need to deal with one creditor instead of many.

With debt consolidation, an outside company creates a payment plan based on your debts and disperses funds to the various lenders as needed.

Options for smaller debt loads that don’t put your home at risk include: 0% balance transfer card: For people with good or excellent credit, issuers offer balance transfer credit cards with introductory no-interest periods from six months to two years.

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And while there’s nothing wrong with seeking financing to grow your business, failing to repay those debts could result in you losing the company you worked so hard to build.

If you’re struggling with low profits and high costs, debt consolidation could be a viable alternative to defaulting on your loans.

Personal loan: For most borrowers, interest rates on debt consolidation loans are lower than rates on regular credit cards.

The rate you get depends on your credit history and income.

Pros: HELOCs are second mortgages structured like credit cards.

Instead of getting a lump sum, you draw down money you need — to pay off credit card balances, for example — using checks or a debit card linked to the credit line.You pay interest only on the credit you use, often at rates several percentage points lower than average rates on credit cards.Large corporations and small businesses alike struggle with loan repayments.Because of these risks, Nerd Wallet recommends that you reserve home equity for emergencies.Consider these pros and cons: Pros A homeowner with good credit is likely to have better options that don’t risk the house.That’s the maximum time you’d be required to make payments toward Chapter 13 bankruptcy or a debt management plan — after which your debt would be fully retired.

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