Computer keeps updating configuration

Verify your HWID is 0851 (for 255, unsure about 255w).

If it is not, stop here as you can do some damage to your unit if you proceed.

computer keeps updating configuration-64

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However you get it to stay on the Garmin screen and install to windows, DONT LET GO!

10) Open the G7Towin program and click GPS/Get GPS ID from the menu bar.

The instructions above are pretty complicated, and besides the first link doesn't work anymore and I can't find that file anywhere else. This is advice that we give to everyone and it has saved many who did so.

I do still have a couple months on my Best Buy service plan and I will take it in if I have to, though I will certainly lose all my data. Its completely okay if the only answer is no, but does anyone know if there's any hope of getting my saved info back from this unit? Saving your favourites is as easy as copying the 'current.gpi' file from the unit. Saving your favourites is as easy as copying the 'current.gpi' file from the unit. As long as you know the current version of the firmware you should be able to download it by using the link provided in the first post, but changing the version number. Instructions found at Thanks silent636, I was able to recover my Nuvi 255w.

If you did it correctly, the screen will stay on the Garmin logo and the computer will install the device.

Otherwise, if it continues to loop, push the top-left corner again and turn it on and hold the switch in the on position while plugging it in.

You will only be asked to do this once, when you install your product.

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