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This will neither be too costly and nor will depict as if you are moving too fast forward.

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For this a simple and best gift for Christmas can be Tiffin of well cooked dinner and a bottle of wine.

Whatsoever place you hangout these two will definitely make for a great Christmas evening.

This would serve as a best Christmas gift for both of you to hangout together on the auspicious occasion.

Now this may sound as more common but chocolate/flowers are a safe game to play.

Or that you just give away any lame gift for Christmas to him/her.

Thinking from your date’s perspective, may be he/she is looking for some great surprise as gift from you this Christmas. Scratching your head thinking what to get and what not? Since you have just started to date book can be a worthy and better gift.Has your new boyfriend/girlfriend mentioned some of his/her interests or a particular hobby?The task is already half done then and you need not rush here and there to grab a best one.What I actually mean is that you can gift clothing like scarves, gloves etc.Moreover since its Christmas and winters, your date may get impressed and wear the same for the occasion.So what could be a better idea than tickets of favorite event of your date?

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