Christian woman dating a modern hindu

So here are six attributes of modest clothing for a Christian woman. It is also one aspect of modesty that has some degree of cultural and chronological leeway.In 18th century Quebec, one Roman Catholic priest lamented the immodesty of the women living around him.When God confronted them about their sin, He also made clothing for them – tunics to replace their aprons, which indicates that stomachs and backs are not to be on public display, even for guys.

Often, Christian women are motivated to modesty by a fear of causing lust and fear of display.

But that is an un Christian understanding of modesty.

Because once we do understand that modesty flows from the heart and we want to serve God in this way, we need to buy clothes and get dressed.

We need some guidelines that keep us within biblical bounds while allowing individual freedom. This is probably the trickiest aspect of addressing modesty, because it involves some Christian freedom and is such a controversial issue.

All I need to know is that the way she presents herself to the world is bait for my sinful mind to latch onto and I need to avoid it at all costs.” Modest clothing encourages holiness instead of baiting lust. There are men out there who lust after women in burqas. We don’t want to be as close as we can to immodesty without causing lust: we want to flee temptation and flee being a temptation without being paranoid or bound by other people’s sin. says that, “on those parts of the body that we think less honorable we bestow the greater honor, and our unpresentable parts are treated with greater modesty.” Notice that neither this passage, nor any other, gives a list of which parts of the body are unpresentable and must be covered. You don’t have to be decked out in pink frills all the time, but wear something recognizably feminine.

But you can be responsible for encouraging or enabling that lust. But while there is some Christian liberty involved in how much of our bodies must be covered, it is obvious from other passages in Scripture that some body parts are not to be visible to anyone but your spouse (and of course, doctor if you are ill). While you can’t cover up too much, you can certainly err in the other direction. In our culture, this seems to be an increasing problem as individualism and postmodernism try to erase any standards, so it’s something to think about carefully. In a culture where cross dressing and gender confusion are affecting styles, this is becoming more difficult, but it is still possible.It is so easy for modesty to merely external, and to fall into legalism because our clothing is not an expression of a heart that is in love with Christ and seeks to bring good to other people.Modest clothing is motivated by a desire to bring God glory and to bless others.God had to kill an animal in order to cover them, foreshadowing the fulfillment of the promise that Christ would die to cover their naked souls with His own righteousness.So our clothing must reflect the gospel reality of being covered. But Christians are a clothed people, spiritually and physically.If it doesn’t, we’ve missed the mark and our modesty is no virtue at all.” So what does that look like?

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