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to cook in the kitchen together because it always makes for good quality time.

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Once you choose a theme for your date night, you can come up with your secret ingredients.

Just add a little slit in the back of your invitation to create a pocket when you fold it in half and glue it.

Then you can slip your secret ingredient right into the invite!

*hint* Using good quality cardstock for your invite will help the special ingredient card slide better and give you a more sleek look.

It’s pretty amazing to see what the chef’s come up with!

We decided to take this idea and turn it into a fun date night.You can choose whether to have your guests come prepared with their ingredients and ideas or you can meet at the grocery store and make collecting the ingredients a challenge.If you have the time, it would be fun to meet up and give each other a time limit to grab all the items they might need for the night’s festivities.Messes to Memories helped us create some adorable Iron Chef printables to make your date a smashing success.Invite your spouse and one of your favorite couple friends to join you on this date to make it a fun double date where you can create a delicious meal and then judge each other to determine the Iron Chef champion! Choose a theme for your date night like Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Greek, Island, or All-American.Of course, we used some basic pantry items that we already had on hand as well!

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