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The East Side Access project is underway to bring Long Island Rail Road service to the terminal.

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Until 1991, the terminal also served Amtrak, which moved to nearby Pennsylvania Station upon completion of the Empire Connection.

Amtrak briefly returned to the station in Summer 2017 to accommodate track work at Penn Station.

but may also refer to the Grand Central–42nd Street subway station that is located next to the terminal.

The name was also used for the renovated Grand Central Depot, from 1900 until its demolition in 1903.

The terminal also contains a connection to the New York City Subway at Grand Central–42nd Street. The terminal is one of the world's most visited tourist attractions, with 21.9 million visitors in 2013.

Grand Central Terminal has intricate designs both on its inside and outside, lending to its landmark designations, including as a U. The station was built by and named for the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad in the pinnacle of American long-distance passenger rail travel.

For the attached subway station, see Grand Central–42nd Street (New York City Subway).

For other stations known as "Grand Central Station", see Grand Central Station (disambiguation).

Among them are chain stores, including a Starbucks coffee shop, a Rite Aid pharmacy and, since December 2011, an Apple Store.

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