Can registered sex offenders be on dating sites

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There are websites dedicated to men who have found themselves wrongfully accused, a quick google search will show. You'd be surprised but that vigilance doesn't always work. That's why i have a lawyer and belong to the o.o.i.d.a. falseify reports,tickets and anything else they can get away with... Second, this person in reference, the thread author should have saved many arguements and just came out with his name, instead of saying email me and I will tell you.

If any guy gets accused of rape, wave bye bye to your human rights You need to get your facts straight before you run amuck and take it upon yourself to personally be this guys "vigilate" and take him "down" Obviously you've not listened to the intelligent advice from other members on here. Do you think that just because you are related to people that they are going to tell you about their perverted predilections? It is in no way a violation to say John Doe is a registered sex offender, rather that means for a sexual crime, or public urintation is not for us to say, someone would have pulled a file on him by now and aired it in the forum for all of us to see the truth.

You can also access free, confidential support by calling the 24-hour statewide sexual assault crises and support number: 1-800-871-7741 (Voice) 711 (Maine Relay).

Visit the website of the Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault at click here for specific steps to take and further resources available to you.

Remain calm and call a local law enforcement agency or the child abuse hotline and allow someone trained in this sensitive area to speak to the child.

The following link will connect you with the Department of Health and Human Services, which provides 24-hour hotlines to report child abuse, elder abuse and other emergencies:

The police here in the UK have targets to meet, they are also talking about having to get rape convictions UP, so a new law has been introduced, if a man and woman have sex, and the woman is too drunk to remember (regardless of the mans state) the man will be arrested and charged for rape. they were also using the medication on homosexuals.. No we cannot be protected from everything but there's nothing wrong with having as much information and making an informed choice. She's not posting it here in the forums for everyone to see. so it's the poor people who can't afford to fight it. for those of you who choose to debate the above statement - go away. so that is something alot of guys keep clearly in mind when dating a woman.

I met a guy who was the victim of a rape allegation, even tho there was absolutly no evidence other than a drunk woman crying rape when he rejected her advances, CCTV inside the bar where the apparent rape took place, cops had him locked up over night without even bothering to examin the cctv. they came out with a medication to treat them with.. There are plenty of good men available who aren't on a sex offender registry to choose from so why bother with one that is? that's why they end up convicted of something they didn't do... it's just an offer to help the OPok, so I have read this thread top to bottom, boredom does wonders, first of all, a gripe, why do people post the same thing as 1o before them, answer, they don't take the time to read the whole thread.

You've fixated into your mind that man is automatically the MAN you see on here, and the registry. I'm sure you'd be surprised to find out what's lurking in your own family i typed in my zip code -i was shocked on how many flags popped up in my neighborhood, -then reading the discriptions of why they were on the list (large number were teens caught having sex with their comperable same aged girlfriends, others using poor judgement or involved nudity in public) the lists are so big -even law enforcement agrees they cant even track them all. Those individuals that are standing up for him, saying he has rights, yes, if he took a leak in public, and got caught, then he is fine.

It sounds like to me that you're paranoid and EVERYONE is a molester or a potential molester. Do you call the police when you see someone in a handicap parking space? -there is a big difference between being naughty and purely evil..need to concentrate on the really bad apples -the high level serious and repete offenders. they know that the main charge will not get a conviction. If he did anything that was unbecoming of himself to a child, his balls need chopped off and he needs to not be on a dating site. 9 times out of 10 judges cops and prosecuters side with the woman in a rape case...

into pleading guilty to a sex crime .put on the list ...someone you know is innocent no one is getting defensive offenders list is the most abused part of the criminal justice system good in theory .anything the government runs is abused like I said I worked in the department of corrections and saw first hand how things work .innocent and down trodden get convected and persecuted ...while the guilty and perverted know how to play the system and get off almost every time know that prosecutors...actually keep score and brag about how many people they have listed as sex offenders ...guilt or innocence aside Im not defending sex offenders ...guilty ones any way ...mothers be careful and defensive there are a lot more perverts that are not listed sex offenders ..also there are a lot of registered sex offenders that are not perverts or pedophiles ..just didnt get a fair shake in a perverted legal systemin my time in law enforcement I saw so much crime that it made me sick and made me eventually quit ..most of it was being perpetrated by the ones sworn to uphold the law .not whether you break the law .which side of the badge you stand on I am an ex police officer .. were confessing they had no idea that they had a mental problem.. But I agree, that the only real solution for sex offenders is good old fashioned castration. Also I wasn't aware that homosexuality was a mental illness. He wouldn't be on the registry if he was completely innocent. I had a guy friend who was falsely accused of rape, and it nearly ruined his life. Once an innocent guy is even remotely linked with stuff like this, it can be incredibly hard to clear his name. They are needed, but they aren't always if you can find out who his probation / parole officer is.

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