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For collections that are much larger, a different UI and a different updating method would be required.In This code doesn't handle the scenario of one instructor assigned as administrator for multiple departments.The department name in the Index page list comes from the navigation property, showing that the relationship was established correctly.

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When you edit an instructor record, you want to be able to update the instructor's office assignment. Now you'll enhance the Instructor Edit page by adding the ability to change course assignments using a group of check boxes, as shown in the following screen shot: The relationship between the navigation property.

The Run the page (select the Instructors tab and then click Edit on an instructor). The UI that enables you to change which courses an instructor is assigned to is a group of check boxes.

id) [Http Post, Action Name("Edit")] [Validate Anti Forgery Token] public Action Result Edit Post(int?

id) private void Populate Departments Drop Down List(object selected Department = null) This code ensures that when the page is redisplayed to show the error message, whatever department was selected stays selected.

The Run the Instructor Index page to see the courses assigned to each instructor: Click Edit on an instructor to see the Edit page. The changes you make are reflected on the Index page.

Note: The approach taken here to edit instructor course data works well when there is a limited number of courses.

For Course entities the scaffolder does include an text box for the attribute means the user should be able enter the primary key value.

But it doesn't understand that because the number is meaningful you want to see it in the other views, so you need to add it manually.

A check box for every course in the database is displayed, and the ones that the instructor is currently assigned to are selected.

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