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Space will be limited for each Webinar so you will want to register early for each one.You will have to individually register for each one - you can’t register for them all together even though they are all part of the same series.

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By grace I can do some programming and my wife can provide good articles so we don’t have to pay for that too, and we pass those savings onto you. Do you know of any other sites that are actually Messianic-Singles.

Com is a safe messianic community which puts courtship / dating back into your hands.

So the above platform, Uncle John created, is not there for them.

They have to go out to clubs and other “toxic” places to meet people.

Even going to synagogue / church is a challenge, because you don’t know who you will meet there.

Messianic Singles is a safe platform where you can get to know people near you, so that you don’t have to do long distance relationships.

Even with the amount of other Messianic singles blogs and FB pages, it is still proving difficult for Messianic singles to meet other like-minded singles.

We offer with no strings for yourself.

We did a lot of research and no website offer what they do.

So nowhere can you get our unique services at our low price of free.

So if you really have to do the long distance thing, like we did, because like minded “prospects” are far from you, you would want to do it in a safe place like messianic singles.

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