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As you probably may have heard already, there are some unsafe area down south.

Just as beautiful as Boracay but without the drunken crowds and the commercialized strip, Bohol offers not just the tropical paradise it advertises, but the island also comes with a generous amount of wildlife and nature.

Home to the nearly extinct Tarsier monkeys and the world known Chocolate Hills, it’s hard to admire Bohol on just one dimension.

Not only is Cebu blessed with very attractive beaches, but what’s underneath the surface is actually world-class too.

Many divers consider their dives in Cebu their best ones and it’s easy to understand why.

The international airport has plenty of cheap flights that goes in and out of the city, and there are a good amount of ferries that would take you to other neighboring major islands such as Dumaguete, Bohol, Zamboanga, etc.

If what you’re looking for is a good turquoise beach with the right components of sand, guaranteed relaxation, and a side of nature– without an abundance of college kids, gap year travelers, and younger crowds in general, Bohol is your best bet.

Although it may just be another tourist spot, there’s no such thing as generic adventures here because you’ll find an awful lot of things to do- from water sports to cliff diving to island hopping experiences, it’s not your ordinary party island.

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For those who have pretty high standards and those who think they’ve seen it all, Palawan will most definitely blow you away.

Comprised of plenty of beautiful islands and a home to a biodiversity of marine species, it doesn’t matter where in Palawan you go to– you’re bound to have your breath taken away.

Although I have heard it’s no longer the same as to how I remember it (completely virginal), I still think it’s worth vacationing to.

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