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It’s also in an exciting neighborhood: Sudan (terrorism and civil war), South Sudan (civil war), Eritrea (formal state of war, tenuous ceasefire at the border), Somalia (’nuff said), Kenya (terrorism), Djibouti (only decent neighbor).

That’s on top of whatever ancestral disadvantages it might possess on HBD grounds. Someone expressed doubts about the increasing crop yields. Ethiopia has been growing at or over 10% year-on-year since the turn of the millenium.

For a supposedly reality-based community, the HBDosphere has a major blind spot regarding where Africa is today and possible scenarios for its future.

It is their own money. Another thing the Ethiopians are doing is at least trying in education.

They have now achieved full primary school enrollment; that is, very nearly all school-aged children really are attending school.

This is going to be long, sorry. First of all, keep in mind that Ethiopia is landlocked, has few useful minerals (just a little gold), has no oil and therefore must pay a hefty energy bill in imports, and as a very montainous place it is really difficult and expensive to build modern infrastructure.

They speak their own language (Amharic) and, never having been colonized, don’t have the head start that other Africans have in speaking/understanding English or French.

Plus, there are more than enough people capable of continuing to receive training and achieve higher productivity levels”.

I myself did not run a large team, but my experience has been much the same. Ethiopia is world-famous for the 1980s famine.I have used them several times and the quality is generally very good in an absolute sense (in Africa, they have few peers). Sub-Saharan Africa is famous for electricity shortages, and that kills any possible industrialization.Ethiopia is building the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile, which has already started producing a small amount of energy and is set to be completed shortly.For every destitute failure like Niger, you have some country that bucks the stereotype and dispels some of the doom and gloom that predominates in HBD-realistic commentary about the “dark continent”.One of the biggest and most striking exceptions is Ethiopia, noteworthy as the only African country to successfully resist European colonization.(In the case of Ethiopia, the topography makes it nearly impossible in most of the country, and in all the more densely settled regions).

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