Audio default error file occurred player updating while

For a PCI or external soundcard, obtain the latest drivers and firmware supplied by the manufacturer of the device.

To correct the error and export up to 8 channels, choose (external application) and specify a command that tells Audacity to explicitly use the native FFmpeg AAC encoder. It happens when your computer sound device has a bad or mismatched driver or there is a problem with a system driver that interacts with that sound device.

Error 0x15003 occurs if you export more than a 6-channel AC3 file. Even if the problem occurs after updating to the latest Audacity version, it still is not Audacity's direct fault because Audacity does not have kernel privileges to make the computer restart.

Inappropriate drivers can also cause Audacity to crash during playback or recording, without necessarily crashing the computer.

The best practice is to make sure the computer's built-in sound device has the latest drivers for your operating system, supplied by the motherboard or computer manufacturer.

If the message mentions "playback device", it means there is a problem with your playback settings.

Either message can suggest a problem with the drivers of the sound device, or possibly that you are asking the device to do something it cannot do.

Another good idea is to test the computer's memory for errors (see help for Windows and Mac).

Faulty memory can sometimes cause computer freezes or crashes.

If you see an error message, be sure to send us the exact text of the error message, or attach an image.

If you are on Mac or Linux a crash report is useful too.

Otherwise it's unlikely that we'll be able to fix it.

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