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Timurlane the Mongol sweeps westward and destroys everything in his path.

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With the collapse of the Egyptian army, its final buttress, the Assyrian empire came to its end. Assyrian monks, because of their close ties with Greek Christianity, translate the significant body of Greek knowledge into Assyrian, including all the great works of religion, medicine, philosophy, science, and mathematics.

These works are eventually translated into Arabic and brought to Spain by the Moors, where they are translated from Arabic to Latin and distributed through Europe, igniting the Renaissance.

D.), the first library, the first system of musical notation.

Ashur-uballit is proclaimed the new king of Assyria in Harran.

Egypt sends its army to support the Assyrians but is delayed by Jewish resistance in Gaza and Judah.

When the Egyptian army does finally arrive, it is met by a Chaldean force and is defeated.

Muhammad declares himself the prophet of God and originates Islam.

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