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Earlier efforts, including The Cleaner and The Beast, proved to be ratings disappointments; the latter was canceled after it became clear that star Patrick Swayze would not prevail in his battle with pancreatic cancer.

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Date Removed: 2nd July 2017 Available for: Unknown Description: An abrasive homicide detective moves to the Florida Everglades, but the unusually high murder rate thwarts his plans for relaxing on the golf course.

Having already asked Matt Passmore for his take, I more recently asked Kiele Sanchez if she knew who gunned down her TV groom.

All the time on the golf course motivates Longworth to commit to finally breaking 80 on the greens.

Meanwhile, Heather tempts Longworth with her grandmother's secret lasagna recipe and Callie stews over their relationship. Production had golf pros on hand to give the cast pointers on form and technique.

Matt Passmore (Jim Longworth) who never really played golf that much until this role has now developed a great swing.

The Crandon at Key Biscayne golf course where the night scene with Longworth and Heather was shot was once the home of The Crandon Park Zoo.

Per Nielsen, the 3.41 million viewers who tuned in marked the show’s second-largest audience, trailing only the July 2010 premiere (3.55 million).

An older-skewing show (63 percent of Season 4 viewers were 55 years old and up), The Glades was also the first A&E scripted original to really move the needle.

On Thursday afternoon, producer/co-creator John Coveny tweeted that the network had just called to confirm the renewal.

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