funny dating games for kids - Are bill and heidi from millionaire matchmaker still dating

Plus it was obvious there was trouble in paradise when she kept on saying she was too busy to plan her wedding.

Millionaire Matchmaker is actually my favorite Bravo show, and it just seemed like Patti broke all of her own rules when it came to Andy.

I question if he genuinely loved her, because when you love someone, you don’t string them along for over six years, only to have things end this way. On her upcoming wedding plans – “No we haven’t planned one yet, Bravo’s kept me on a tight leash.

years of dating, sat down for a video interview with Popeater during which she discussed filming the 3rd season of her hit show in NYC, her wedding plans and sounds off on some headline making celebrities. She later added that “there is no rush,” and that she has no plans to have any children.

Caroline, who is reportedly good friends with Patti, will be shown paying her a visit in her NYC office, hoping to find the perfect matches for her sons – Albie and Chris Manzo. Are Bill Brandes & Heidi Cornell, the two millionaires, still together? They broke my club rules on the first date when they slept together. And when it comes to her low success rate on the Bravo show, Patti claims her success rate in real life is 99% and that it’s lower on the show because Bravo controls the casting and not her.

Patti refers to the Manzo boys as MIT aka ‘Millionaires-In-Training.’According to Caroline, she is tired of her sons complaining about the lack of quality girls around, so she is ready to take action and work with Patti to find matches for Chris and Albie. Why isn’t Chelsea, the VP of matchmaking, on the show this season? “My real members [Stanger runs a dating service called Millionaire’s Club] are on the Forbes List, and they would never go on camera,” adds Patti. In other news, when the show premieres tonight, one person who will be missing is Chelsea Autumn, who had appeared on the previous 3 seasons of the show as Patti’s VP of Matchmaking.

Not much of a surprise considering Patti’s success rate on the show is closer to zero. How about Danielle Staub from ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey? TELL US – WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON CHELSEA LEAVING THE SHOW? the Real Housewives of New Jersey stars, Albie Manzo, 24 and Chris Manzo, 21 will appear on the show this season, as Patti Stanger will attempt to fix them up.

A preview clip is below –Tonight marks the 4th season premiere of Bravo’s hit show – The Millionaire Matchmaker! Well, we will get to see the matchmaker herself, Patti Stanger, as she sets up her office in New York City, following her move from Los Angeles. A source told the NYPost back in June that the boys were interested in “brunette, Italian-Catholic girls.” No word yet on if mama bear Caroline Manzo will make a special appearance.

During the TCA 2011 Winter Press Tour going on this week, Bravo announced several premiere dates and series renewals on Thursday.

The biggest announcement however came in the form of the widely talked about 6th season of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

Are the boys ready to to settle down with a nice girl or will their maturity level be an issue? Well, you know, Caroline would probably have a hit out on me. While Patti declined to comment on Chelsea’s departure in the above interview, Chelsea’s rep confirms to the Too Fab website that she left the show following 8 years of “constant abuse, hard work with little credit and enough crazy crazy Stanger stories to fill a phone book,” adding that she was was ready to leave the “claws of Stanger.”Chelsea’s story is believable as a leaked conversation of a raving Patti was leaked by TMZ months ago during which Patti could be heard going completely ballistic on a stylist.

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