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Stacey Jones has been fascinated with claims of hauntings since she was 6 when her mom recounted her own true tale.

She grew up, became a cop, but never lost her passion for the unexplained.

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Stacey has traveled the country speaking at Colleges and Conferences since 2004.

She has spoken at Disney World, Gettysburg, Atlanta, New York City and around the United States.

That was a relationship that almost happened too quickly.

What started with a fun little parade in small town Vermont really did turn into a global celebration of unity and love. I could see the cracks forming between Jordan and Bibiana.

One thing that the Ghost Hunters International team did manage to do though with this controversial segment of the show was to show some of the attitudes of the cast members.

And to say the least some of the team came off a bit lacking.

I know the Ghost Hunters International crew have been saying all season that this was going to be an all new season that is nothing like what we’ve seen before I didn’t really think they would take it all this far.

This episode was titled “Sacrificed Mayan Spirits: Belize” and included investigating some Mayan temple ruins with a guy that thinks the spirits in residence are going to start following him home.

And knowing what Jordan went through on his season of , it didn’t surprise me just how seriously he was taking his relationship with Bibiana. Regardless, it was great having Lesley back in our world again. They were the ones who really put themselves out there.

I don’t blame him for asking the tough questions when he did, and I also don’t blame her for telling him that it was time to end things. And it was great seeing Dean grow up and take his relationship with Lesley seriously. Thank you to all of you who made the long journey to Vermont in search of love.

If you’re all adults or if you want to open up a conversation with your teen about the dangers of ‘cutting’ then by all means go ahead and watch it.

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