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Several alternative landing site choices were also considered for 15 that would have sampled other lunar rilles.

In particular, a site on the western side of the Moon in the Marius Hills was considered.

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EDT, July 30, 1971 Landing Site Coordinates 26.13222° N latitude, 3.63386° E longitude Apollo 16 — Descartes Lunar Landing Time p.m.

EST, April 20, 1972 Landing Site Coordinates 8.97301° S latitude, 15.49812° E longitude Apollo 17 — Taurus-Littrow Lunar Landing Time GMT, December 11, 1972 Landing Site Coordinates 20.19080° N latitude, 30.77168° E longitude Sources: APOLLO PROGRAM FLIGHT SUMMARY REPORT, APOLLO MISSIONS AS201 - APOLLO 16, June 1972 Davies and Colvin (2000) "Lunar Coordinates in the regions of Apollo landers" American Geophysical Union, V.105: E8 pp.20277-20280.

Hadley Rille is the sinuous channel that winds along the western margin of the Apennine Mountains.

(NASA photograph AS15-1537[M].)The landing site is located on a mare-filled embayment in the Apennine Mountains.

Unfortunately, time constraints kept the crew from being able to visit the North Complex.

(NASA photograph AS15-9377[P].)This oblique photograph looks west across the landing site.First, the rim of the Imbrium Basin could be sampled along the Appenine Mountains.It was expected that this would provide material from deeper in the lunar crust than was sampled in the Fra Mauro Formation by Second, this site provided an opportunity to explore Hadley Rille, a photogenic channel in the mare surface that was probably formed by volcanic processes.The landing site chosen for was on the eastern margin of the Imbrium Basin in the region known as Palus Putredinis.There were two main objectives for this landing site.EST, November 19, 1969 Landing Site Coordinates 3.01239° S latitude, 23.42157° W longitude Apollo 14 — Fra Mauro Lunar Landing Time a.m.

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