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This ruling is huge victory for students,” said Phyllida Burlingame, Reproductive Justice Policy Director for the ACLU of Northern California.

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Franken ultimately resigned from the Senate on December 7, 2017.

Age: 65 Birthplace: New York City, New York, United States of America Profession: Commentator, Politician, Comedian, Television producer, Screenwriter, more On November 21 2017, the House Ethics Committee investigated multiple sexual harassment allegations against John Conyers.

It follows the harrowing path of a young Honduran girl from her home in San Pedro Sula, across four countries, into a living hell of servitude in a world of modern day sex slavery.

Nona is an acronym for “No Name.” Bosworth is currently filming “The Devil Has No Name” and most recently appeared in National Geographic’s miniseries “The Long Road Home.” She is represented by CAA and Management 360.

FESTIVAL HONOR Kate Bosworth will receive the founder’s award from the Richmond International Film Festival on behalf of her film “Nona,” which will play on the festival’s opening night on April 24.

The founder’s award honors a filmmaker whose work champions stories of truths often untold or overlooked.In a county where teens account for nearly a third of chlamydia cases and a quarter of gonorrhea cases, the district’s high school curriculum provided no information about how to prevent sexually transmitted infections.It taught abstinence as the only means of preventing pregnancy and included a video that compared a woman who was not a virgin to a dirty shoe.It seeks to recognize artists on the frontlines, creating necessary yet artful thought and dialogue in their work.“Nona,” a narrative feature produced by Bosworth and written and directed by her spouse Michael Polish, puts a face to Central America’s sex trafficking industry.A photo also shows Franken appearing to groper her breasts while she was sleeping.

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