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Yea, I love the athletic build and I’m not really ‘diggin’ this. I am parked at the opposite side of the building and he’s parked inside the building we are in. The one line over time which I realized I couldn’t stand was Great! Hopefully he’ll smell better and won’t take off like a bat outta hell again. I agree to meet OKCVet at the Knee High Stocking Company on a Friday, no fishnets required.

I notice he’s quite slender/skinny, no real muscles at all. As I clicked on each profile to study them, I realized a lot of what they said was similar. I agreed, even though I was a initially put off by the name, but he wrote nicely and seemed normal… Match AL and I decide to meet that following Friday, and in the meantime, I have also booked my second date with OKVet for Thu. But I decided this is a whole new chapter in my newly single life and I need to make more of an effort to put myself out there.

Good conversation, exciting environment, and delicious food. Slightly worried, its dark, its past 11pm and I’m being offered a tour of an animal hospital. What is he slices and dices you and sticks you in the incinerator? ’ I get the grand tour of the old school hospital with mauve walls and tube lighting and luckily make it out alive.

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Not so sure about his puffer vest style which transcends slightly into the boring PNW male who doesn’t seem to give a shit about what he looks like or sometimes even smells like it too. In the meantime, while continuing to troll OKCupid and the waiting potential.

After the Vet texted about meeting again, I contemplated what to do.

After watching how HAPPY and EXCITED those people were, I decided to check out the site.

) or the girl getting ready and talking to her dog about what to wear (don’t judge her because I do that.

I decide not to overdress but of course, still look cute in my cigarette fitting jeans, heels, cute top and have my hair down (hair is usually up, due to loads of it). Then, I get a text from the Vet saying the place is booked, so I step outside to tell him I have a table for us (shouldn’t he have reserved something? Tell me about your job, How long have you been in the area?

this means, “I don’t really want to make the effort to think, if you have a place in mind already.” Thursday evening, I run home after work and get ready for date#2 with the Vet. I am not used to this since my ex would always wait to eat or even serve me (give the devil his due). As we are getting ready for the show to start, the Vet says “Hey, it was a long day and sorry if I smell like cat piss or something ” WHAT THE FUCK?! So, something may have sprayed you prior to your arrival and it wasn’t a bottle of 0 cologne? Since the Vet is a few minutes late (peeve #1), I rush to the bathroom, do a quick once over, hope my hair isn’t a complete fro at this point, damn rain!

OKVet was texting me and I wanted to send his message to my friend. When FORWARDING a message from your Iphone 5s, you can highlight the msg and forward but it will stay on the original persons text… It was OKVet and only until AFTER hitting ‘Send’ I realized this! Something to the effect of “This message was from OKVet (I used his real name in the text to her), nice huh? I had a swift recovery with the Vet saying “oh I was sharing your sweet text and saying how nice you are” :::: eye roll::: He was polite and responded by saying he’s done the same… This woman is a planner and hates waiting till last minute! date tonight with the Vet and still no word from Match AL. ” Then I mentally kick myself, “Pay attention to don’t be such a snob and stop the analysis!

I didn’t realize this and began to text my best friend, in relation to the message I just forwarded her… ” So, nothing too scarring but nevertheless completely embarrassing AND while I was at work! ” We finish our drinks in time to be told our space is needed. So we hang out there for a drink and then discuss grabbing a bite to eat. We wait for a table and as we go to sit down the Vet sits next to me.

” I start to slightly miss my ex and think of how (when he wasn’t being an ass) he would wait for me to be safely in the car, text/call me to ask me if I got home ok…

Yes, the Vet and I had a nice time, but something felt like it was missing.

#2 why are you rubbing my leg like your consoling a cat on your hospital table? So, I make a call to my best friend informing her how nervous I am, that I hate driving and finding parking in the city and asking her “what if its a total bust? The plan is to leave after a drink and not span it out too long if he’s a total dud. I walk over and the typical Seattle drizzle has taken affect and doesn’t help the fact I have to insanely pee.

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