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I hadn’t seen her in 7 years so we had a lot to catch up on. Finally, I worked up the courage to ask her to a movie.As I drove to her house I couldn’t help but feel nervous. I rang her doorbell with butterflies in my stomach. The car rocked as she jumped out of her seat and leaned as far back as possible.I decided that all the available advice on meeting women just wasn’t going to cut it. Within a few weeks, half of the hot young sales reps were emailing me about “grabbing drinks after work.”Then, everything changed one afternoon as I was leaving work.

As I flipped through his pictures, one girl stood out.

Not only was she absolutely stunning, she also looked strikingly familiar…That Thursday night, we barely got through the door at Pink Elephant.

And the ONLY other system that’s ever even tried to fully “de-code” attractive behavior involved dressing in outrageous clothing, lowering a woman’s self-esteem, and other stuff that is weird and creepy.

That system utterly failed 9 out of 10 guys—because he Advanced Dating Strategies enables you to get exactly what you want, whether it’s sleeping with lots of new women or knowing precisely how to make that one, special woman your committed and loyal girlfriend. You may know a bit about me from the hundreds of articles I've written both online and in print.

I thought I was doing pretty well with these girls.

But when I turned back to my table of friends, they told a different story.

Over the last 5 years, I went from being ashamed of my experience with women to being one of the most renowned pickup and dating instructors in the world.

It’s been an interesting journey…from when a fat girl flat-out rejected me to recently being voted the #2 pickup artist in the world for I’d been studying dating and pickup advice for 3 straight years, so you’d think it would’ve been a cinch for me to sidle up next to her, spew my encyclopedic understanding of seduction, and sweep her off her feet and into my bed for hours of sweaty, toe-curling sex—right?

That was my biggest problem—but don’t sweat it because I’ll put flirting on autopilot for you, and even the girls who currently think you’re “just a friend” will ou see, there’s a lot of information out there on “how to pickup women” or “improving your social skills” or even on “inner game and confidence” but the problem—plain and simple—is that this material doesn’t work for most guys.

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