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The logic behind the law is that they are likely to re-offend and to escalate attacks if armed.Lueken Barwick said she rarely sees domestic violence offenders rehabilitated, and prosecutors sometimes refer these cases to the U. Attorney's Office if they feel they won't be able to get a long enough sentence charging state crimes alone.

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This charge is the most common one filed in domestic violence cases, though, Lueken Barwick said. State law also bars people convicted of misdemeanor assault on a female from getting a concealed carry permit, a ban separate from the federal law and unchanged by the Vinson case.

State law allows sheriffs to deny pistol permits based on an applicant's moral character, according to John Aldridge, an attorney with the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association. Vinson for sheriff's departments during a training session earlier this year.

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— North Carolina may be the only state in the nation where a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction doesn't trigger a lifetime federal ban on owning a gun.

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.Vinson had been convicted nine years earlier of assault on a female, a misdemeanor domestic violence offense for which he was sentenced to probation.Because of that, he was forbidden, for life, from possessing a gun under a federal law that targets people convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors.Some had hoped the high court would also deal with North Carolina's "culpable negligence" language as part of that case, but it did not.Attorneys familiar with the issue said they believe there's an easy legislative fix, though they differed over just what that fix would look like. "If there's some kind of a loophole that exists, then we ought to take a look at it," said state Sen.It was Alrdidge, considered a premier expert on gun laws in the state, who laid out the impact of U. An assault on a female conviction can throw moral character into question, regardless of whether the federal courts consider it a domestic violence misdemeanor by letter of the law.

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