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For one thing, young leaders are traveling around the country to rural areas to speak with youth about their rights and responsibilities as voters, leaving behind the snobbish intellectual circles of Nairobi.

Secondly, youth are much more in touch with the disgruntled sentiments of the Kenyan population.

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In some ways, the political mood for change in Kenya is similar to the disaffection of the United States in the 2008 campaign, analysts say.

Just as Barack Obama swept aside more established candidates by reaching out to younger voters – securing 66 percent of the under-30 vote – an outsider candidate in Kenya could also reach out to the young here, promising a political process that benefits hard work above personal connections.

But now, disgruntled Kenyan young adults say, they won't be fooled again."Young people have served the role of being the gear levers used by politicians to reach power, and at the end of the day, youth feel excluded from political power," says Joshua Nyamori, leader of the Nyanza Youth Coalition in Kisumu. We decided to organize ourselves around issues, instead of around politicians."This week, as a corruption scandal threatens to tear apart the fragile coalition government and allies of Prime Minister Raila Odinga say they will boycott cabinet meetings, Kenyans are worried that the political crisis could once again devolve into ethnic violence.

The convergence of so many youth groups – dozens around the country with tens of thousands of members – from different ethnic and religious groups, is one of the most hopeful signs on Kenya's torrid political landscape.

Once the tool of ambitious or cynical politicians – used as speechmakers and organizers, or as thugs, killing more than 1,000 civilians after the last national elections in December 2007 – Kenya's youngest voters are now reaching across ethnic lines, talking about unemployment, education, and health, and organizing for positive, lasting solutions."In past elections, the violence was done by the state …

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