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"I think the next 20 years should go quicker," he said."It really needs to be twice this size to deserve some of the praise it gets now." Stories, reports and tips on tourist attractions and odd sights in Tennessee.Well, we pride ourselves on offering a first class online dating service in Brownsville, without making you pay the price tag for it!

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The problem is that if the girl has to tell the guy, it will ruin the relationship. It is one of the problems in dating, that there are things that most women in Brownsville Tennessee want and expect in a man that not all men understand.

For guys, this seems like an impossible position she knows what she wants, but wont tell me. Calling her as soon as he gets back to the apartment may be too soon, but any time later will be OK. Even if she asks for the absolute truth, be careful about criticizing her appearance. The rules of dating and behavior are being constantly rewritten and can seem confusing.

And since the Mindfield is just Billy talking to himself, he doesn't much care if tourists or his neighbors understands what he's saying.

(For secret tips, see Decoding The Mindfield) Visitors aren't allowed on the Mindfield, so access is restricted to the front and side nearest the payday check cashing store parking lot.

He's also made arrangements with the Kohler Foundation to preserve the property long after he's gone, as they have with other artistic sites.

That future, however, won't arrive for a while, at least not if Billy can help it.

Resembling an immense electrical substation or wayward theme park roller coaster, Billy Tripp's Mindfield towers above Main Street in downtown Brownsville, wedged between the Sunrise Inn motel and the Payless Check Advance store. Billy said that no one in town has ever told him that they didn't like it, although this did not necessarily mean that they approve.

It is the largest work of art in Tennessee, and we'd guess one of the Top Ten in the United States, matching mass with other single-minded visions such as The Orange Show and The Forevertron -- which, by the way, Billy was on his way to visit when he saw an abandoned water tower, bought it, then trucked it home to add to the Mindfield. Theorizes Tripp: "Maybe they think, 'It's just not worth going over to tell him it's ugly.'" The Mindfield soars 13 stories high, a vertical mass of salvaged iron and steel that Billy has painted a monotone battleship gray (It's his favorite color).

The best way that to accomplish both of these is for the guy to decide what they want to do, tell her, then ask for her opinion.

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