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The dimensional logo treatment emerged as the clear winner because of its clean lines and modern aesthetic.

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We maintain a deep bench of small, mid-sized, large and Fortune 500 clients as a direct result of our unique approach to relationship management that focuses on customer satisfaction from start to finish.

We have a guarantee and comittment to our customers for our products and services that you may come rely on when others chose not to respond.

All of the spaces we design are efficient, functional, exciting and environmentally sound.

In addition to being a full service architectural firm, Design-Science has augmented its services with Project Management.

The creative process for re-branding Syntactx included producing a new logo.

The early logo comps played with the ’S’ in Syntactx, with shapes reflecting their extensive experience and commitment to excellence.We are committed to using the latest CAD technology which allows us to provide quality service and quick turnaround time at very competitive prices.Over the past three decades we have designed over 20,000,000 square feet of space varying from "vanilla" to elegant.We experimented with hexagonal symbols representing teamwork and efficiency.That hexagonal symbol morphed into a network of lines that symbolize the neurons within the brain, as well as branches of a tree.The cerulean blue was enhanced by bright green and red, contributing to the trustworthy quality of the brand and separating it from otherwise mundane medical logos and websites.

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