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Thanks to those that have offered label images for my site.However, for the moment, this is intended to be only labels from my own collection of records.Their old catalog number, however, appears on the label as the matrix number.

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You can find examples of many swing era recordings by Benny Goodman and Fats Waller on both the scroll label and the circular label.

If all you are interested in is just a copy in the best possible condition to listen to, it usually doesn't matter one way or another.

There are numerous other books I have yet to obtain.

Regarding the internet, a great resource for dating 78s from the 1940s and 50s is the online Google Books of Billboard magazine.

Those client labels, however, usually provide a matrix number - which, again, for pre 1908 Columbia recordings, was the same as the original Columbia catalog number.

Hi Dismuke, Thank you very much for your explanation.So, if I understand it correctly, while my record dates from 1905-1906 the recording it features is indeed from 1901, but this particular record is a reissue? Had the Columbia label design not changed, there would be no way of being able to date the pressing.A reissue is when a recording is brought out under a different catalog number or even on a entirely different record label.But also engraved in the wax is the following text: "patented nov 25, 1902".Also, according to the label, Columbia apparently won a Grand Prize in St. It is a single sided record, and since Columbia started making double-faced records in 1908, my best guess is that this record dates from the 1904-1908 period.I may, at some point in the future, open this up to be an on-line label gallery for all 78 rpm labels if I decide to spend the time on such a large task.

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