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Health literacy is a measure of an individual’s capacity to seek, understand and use healthcare information within the healthcare setting.

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CAM spans a wide variety of treatments, ranging from herbal supplements to practitioner-based therapies.

It is a difficult area to define, which is one reason why estimates of the prevalence of CAM use in the general population range from 9% to 65%.

but little is known about its use in the adult population of Australia.

Although most CAM is thought to be safe and some is evidence-based, concerns for doctors include a lack of reliable information and issues regarding regulation.

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The I-CAM-Q, developed by an international consortium, is an English‑language questionnaire designed to identify the use of CAM across national and cultural groups. First, binary (‘Yes’ or ‘No’) data are collected to assess the reasons for CAM use (eg acute illness, long-term health condition, improve wellbeing).

Second, for each CAM practice that a respondent had used, how helpful the treatment was thought to be was scored in a Likert-type response item with a one to four range (‘Very’, ‘Somewhat’, ‘Not at all’, ‘Do not know’).

The response rate was 47% (n = 374), the mean age was 53 years and 68% of participants were female.

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